At Calvary Baptist Church, we know it is very important what a church believes and teaches. We adhere to the traditional view of Christianity as taught and practiced in the New Testament, and the historic Baptist faith. The following statement is a summary of our doctrinal beliefs. If you would like additional information, please contact us.

The Bible

We believe that the Bible as contained in the sixty six books, is the revealed Word of God. We believe in the inspiration, infallibility, inerrancy and authority of Scripture, and that it is the sole authority for faith and practice.


We believe in One God, eternally existing in three Persons, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, all being eternally and equally God.

Jesus Christ

We believe that Jesus Christ was God in the flesh, that He was born of the virgin Mary, that He lived a perfect life, and shed His blood and died on the Cross of Calvary for the sins of mankind. He rose bodily from the grave on the third day and then ascended to glory.


We believe that salvation is completely by the grace of God, without any works of man. The sins of mankind and the punishment that is deserved can be forgiven only through faith in the Person and work of Jesus Christ.

The Return of Jesus Christ

We believe in the pre-tribulational and imminent return of Jesus Christ for His church. We also believe He will come and establish His Kingdom on earth and reign for one thousand years, in fulfillment of His covenant with Israel.