We would like to welcome you to the ministries of Calvary Baptist Church! My wife and I were called to serve this church family in December of 2000. It has been our privilege to minister here for almost twenty years.  Please allow me to share a few highlights with you.

My goal for the Calvary Baptist Church family is that we continually grow together in love, knowledge, faithfulness, obedience and service for the Lord. Our desire is to glorify Him in our personal lives along with our collective worship, fellowship and ministry. We are committed to the Scriptures as the sole authority of faith and practice, the power of prayer and the necessity of evangelism as we obey our Lord’s command to share the Gospel.

Our church family is growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is a hunger among our people for spiritual maturity, and their love for the Lord and one another is evident as the church family ministers together. We pray, learn, sing, serve, laugh, and walk through life’s valleys together.

We have seen several people come to our Savior by faith. What a joy to see their lives transformed! Many have been baptized and joined the church family. Our folks also reach out to the mission field in which they live every day, and God has blessed!

Calvary Baptist Church is a traditional, Independent Baptist Church holding to the historic Baptist distinctives. We sing the traditional hymns of the faith. Bible exposition is the usual method of preaching, as we study verse by verse through a book or text of Scripture.

There is a strong and peaceful unity at Calvary, and you can always expect a gracious, friendly atmosphere.

Pastor Richard Rogers